We’re a Team of Marketing Professionals That Want to Help Your Business Grow!

If you saw all of us in a room together, it would be tough to pick out what exactly brings us together. We’re quite the mixed bag of personalities and interests. Some of us see ourselves as artists, eager to bring new perspectives and unique narratives to subjects that each of us confronts in one way or another throughout our lives.

Others are problem solvers, methodically seeking pragmatic, sensible solutions to our problems and the problems of those around us. Among our ranks you’ll find a variety of interests and identities, united by one shared quality: a fervent passion for marketing!

We’re Smartketers; a young and ambitious club of creatives and professionals who specialize in helping businesses and freelancers craft compelling stories for their products and services. We create content that is intended to share valuable insights and tips with our fellow marketers, crowdsourcing the marketing secrets that are often locked behind expensive paywalls and dubious online courses.

From SEO best practices as detailed by industry experts to content strategies straight from the big business playbook, we’re here to make your life easier and your bank account larger!

Right now, Smartketers is a pretty small circle. It won’t stay that way for long though! If you’re someone who thinks outside the box and specializes in bringing new tactics to the table, we want you on our team.

Send us your pitch for an article, tell us why you’re the right person to write it, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. From everyone in the Smartketers club, we look forward to welcoming you to the fold!